Libations essentials, Black Cherry infused Bourbon Sour

In Uncategorized on January 22, 2011 at 1:45 pm


Whether you prefer the term classic, vintage, or retro, the Whiskey Sour definitely qualifies. It’s one of the original cocktails, and appears in print as early as 1862, when it was included in Jerry Thomas’ A Bartenders Guide. It may be even be the first example of the ‘sour’ drink family – cocktails with a base spirit (or whiskey, in this case), lime or lemon juice, and a sweetener (possibly sugar, but liqueur or fruit juice also are used). Sound familiar? It should, because that basic sour formula is the backbone of hundreds of cocktails.

1 1/2 oz Red Stag Bourbon
2 oz FRESH sour mix
Shake, Strain, Pour over fresh ice
Garnish with a flag

( a flag is an orange slice and a cherry )


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