Haus Alpenz Zirbenz “Stone Pine Liqueur”

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From Only the Most Tenacious of Pines. Among the many fruits gathered for region’s famed eau-de-vie and schnaps, few hold so close an association with the Alps as the fruit (fresh pine cone) of the Arolla Stone Pine. One of the few species able to flourish along the slopes rising to the tree line, the Arolla Stone Pine can withstand temperature extremes down to minus 40 Celsius. Known as the “Queen of the Alps”, the Arolla Stone Pine is revered for its role in hindering avalanches and produces a fruit that has been a symbol of vitality and immortality since Roman times. Still today the people of Steiermark take great pride in the Arolla Stone Pine, its fruit, and the region’s identity as the forest kingdom of Austria. Zirben Pine Fruit – the Agave of the Alps No easier to reach than to cultivate, the tree may take over thirty years before producing fruit, and thereafter has a harvest cycle of five to seven years. In the interest of conservation and future harvests, only 10-20% of each tree’s fruit is picked, and by law only in Steiermark and Carinthia. To harvest, mountaineers must climb up through dense branches to reach the fruit. When ripe in early July, the fruit exhibits a brilliant reddish hue and sweet pine floral essence captured in Zirbenz. The pine fruit flavor also picks up notes of other high alpine flora, including blueberry, the mountain rose and a hint of peppery reed grass. Seasonal Variation and Artisanal Production: As the high alps are subject a variety of often volatile weather conditions, each season’s harvest of this uncultivated pine fruit can vary in quantity and character. You may be able to identify the very subtle variations in color and taste with each season’s harvest and among the different small-lot productions throughout the year. Take note of your bottle’s production details, enter you L.Nr here (see to the left on this page) and review the master distiller’s notes. Stone Pine Liqueur: A Unique Identity with Alpine Luxury. In generations past, possession of stone pine liqueur was indicative of one’s skill at mountaineering or a prized alpine journey. Enjoyment was reserved for special occasions, owing to the liqueur’s limited availability. Today, with sophisticated lovers of food and drink seeking out natural and unique local products, a new generation is enjoying Zirbenz Stone Pine Liqueur with fine dining and the luxury alpine resort experience. Through partnership with local mountain harvesters and respect of forest conservation practices, Haus Alpenz now offers Zirbenz beyond the forest kingdom of Steiermark Austria.

via International Wine Shop Haus Alpenz Liqueur Zirbenz Stone Pine.


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