Candied Rose Petals

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Libations Garnish Course

Flowers used for crystallizing should be acquired from safe sources. It is advisable to check with your florist to be sure that they can provide you with flowers that have not been sprayed with pesticides. If you’re going to serve them as food, use organic flowers; do not pick them from a pesticide-sprayed backyard or exhaust-choked roadside. We source ours from Whole Foods,talk to the associate for edible organic flowers.
Right before using, gently give the flowers a water bath to remove dirt and check for insects. To do, fill a small bowl with cool water and a pinch of salt. Let each flower or petal take a short bath in it. Afterwards, quickly dip the petals in ice water (remove ice before using) to perk them up and when done, place on paper towels. Let air dry. They must be completely dry before proceeding to the next step.
Dilute pasteurized, powdered egg whites or meringue powder with water and let sit (about 3 – 4 minutes) to dissolve before stirring,then whisk.
Hold the flower or petal with tweezers. Dip then in a shallow bowl to form a thin, even layer. Any places not coated will turn brown.
Holding the blossom over a bowl, sprinkle or shake superfine sugar in a clean salt shaker, over the entire flower. Tap the tweezers to remove excess sugar and repeat on reverse side.
Place  flowers on superfine sugar covered parchment or waxed paper to dry. They don’t stick as much as they do when placed on a plain sheet. Let them cure for 2 days
Larger flowers, such as roses, need to be turned slightly on a regular basis to dry evenly. Moisture will collect under the smaller flower’s petals that touch the parchment paper, so after a few hours,  move them around and turn them over so they don’t stick.Sugared flowers can be made in advance and stored in an airtight container up to a year in a cool, dry place.  Line an airtight container with soft padding. Store at room temperature.


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