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Learn Your Limes In This Comprehensive Overview

Here are some interesting ones/uses

FINGER LIME, Microcitrus australasica

A delicate rainforest tree that naturally occurs as an understorey tree in Queensland and Northern  Australia. Finger Lime trees are erect trees growing up to 10 metres. The fruits can be green and cylindrical in shape, up to 100mm long and only about 20-30mm in diameter. They do have prominent thorns and do contain some seeds.They have a thin skin that ranges in colour from green, yellow, red, purple to even a black. The oil cells on the rind are small giving the fruit a great glossy appearance. The fruit contains an acid juice. The fruit is sometimes referred to as “citrus caviar” because the small round interior vesicles pop in your mouth with tart lime flavor.

The fruits can also be frozen successfully without destroying the fruits flavour or texture on thawing,allowing us to have access to the fruits all year round,

Black Limes

Black limes are actually whole sun-dried limes which range in size from 1 – 1.5 in. (2.5-4 cm) diameter. They vary in color from pale tan to very dark brown, almost black with up to 10 darker tan longitudinal stripes running from ‘pole to pole’. When broken open, remnants of black, sticky pith are revealed on the inside, and a pungent, fermented citrus aroma is released.

The limes are boiled in saltwater and dried in the sun until the inside flesh turns jet black and all but dissolves. The outer skin caves in on itself slightly and turns a mottled brown.

Dwarf Citrus Key Lime

Lime tree flowers and fruits continuously heres a pdf on growing dwarf lime trees

via Limes.


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