Chambord, and……the Chastity Belt

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A Shot of History

Prior to the Chambord Liqueur coming on the market, there was another product in the same package called Forbidden Fruit. It was a cognac based liqueur flavored with honey, oranges and shaddock grapefruits, and was sweet with a slightly bitter aftertaste. In a probable attempt in marketing the product, and making it somewhat sexy, the bottle was wrapped in a girdle or belt, reminiscent of a chastity belt (turn the bottle over) , and had a small lock and key at the joining point (neck of bottle), and the enticing title.

The chastity belt was created in an attempt to prevent sexual intercourse, and the myth was that the Crusaders of the 11th and 12th century’s developed same, so the ladies would remain faithful to the knights, while they were campaigning in foreign countries. But it seems that this unique device did not exist prior to the 15th century. And would the knights really want the metal smith in such close proximity to their Forbidden Fruit? Obviously the chastity belt also could have created other problems with the ladies such as abolutions (look it up), rust, lost keys, and obviously some difficulties in sleeping and………….?



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