Café Brûlot

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3 cups Louisiana coffee (with chicory)
1/2 cup orange flavored liquor
1/4 cup brandy
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 cinnamon stick
5 whole cloves
1 orange rind – slivered thinly
1 lemon rind – slivered thinly
Place sugar, cinnamon, cloves and rinds in a skillet, heat until sugar begins to dissolve.
Add orange liquor and brandy, continue to heat
When hot, fill a metal ladle with liquid, and carefully igniteAfter having sung a few voodoo chants and/or appropriate flowery patter, sprinkle some “magic voodoo dust” (okay, cinnamon) into the flames with a flourish. They’ll sparkle, all orange and pretty, within the blue alcohol flame. Add coffee to extinguish and serve

The devil tempts in many disguises. This same coffee drink is variously called café diablocafé diabolique or devil’s coffee. Brûlot in French means either spicy or incendiary. In this case it is both.

This drink might just have its roots in the Spanish Inquisition! This devil’s brew has been attributed to Dominique Youx, said to be elder brother and top lieutenant to the pirate, Jean Lafitte (Jean preferred the term privateer).

More likely is the claim that Jules Alciatore, the son of the founder of Antoine’s restaurant in New Orleans, created Café Brûlot Diabolique in the 1890s.

Whatever the origin, the drink later became a popular way to disguise alcohol during Prohibition.

Every household in early New Orleans had its brûlot bowl on the buffet and often special ladles and cups . A brûlot bowl is any, traditionally silver or copper, that can be heated with sterno or candle flames from the bottom. A chafing dish and a metal ladle will serve as well and demitasse cups are perfect.


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